The past few years have seen the transformation of our learning spaces and outdoor recreation areas into modern, open environments that promote creativity, collaboration and wellbeing. Students enjoy the use of technology and contemporary learning spaces to aid in their learning and social development.

There are wonderful specialist teaching spaces for technology, music, dance, drama, visual arts, along with new classrooms for Years 7, 8, and 12. Staff facilities are of the highest standard and a Learning Support Centre (Learning Hub) provides for flexible and differentiated curriculum access.

Bethany Catholic College Hurstville Performing Arts Hall

Performing Arts Centre

Yallunga: the college centre for performing arts, where students have access to:

  • Dedicated dance and drama rooms
  • Stages and performance space
  • A lecture theatre with seating for 90
Bethany Catholic College Hurstville Music Centre

Music Centre

  • Two music teaching rooms.
  • Four music tutorial rooms for individual lessons.
Bethany Catholic College Hurstville

Learning Hub

  • Data projectors and screens
  • Seminar rooms for individual and small group learning
  • Dedicated learning support centre where students can ask for assistance and access resources
Bethany Catholic College Hurstville

Technology Centre

With the advantage of modern specialist facilities and excellent technology networks, girls are provided with a well rounded vocational education to prepare them for the future.

Bethany Catholic College Hurstville

Reflection Garden

The heritage convent and classroom buildings closest to the corner of Forest Rd and Croydon Rd have been magnificently restored. The newly added reflection garden provides an opportunity to learn and grow holistically through socialising in a peaceful and historically rich environment. 

Bethany Catholic College Hurstville

Science Labs

The college is fortunate to provide first class facilities to support all areas of the college science curriculum. Between 2007 and 2010 many facilities have been upgraded to house more equipment for enhanced student research, procedures and learning.